Don’t throw that computer in the trash – help the environment and bring it to us!


recyclingItems that we recycle for free:

  • Laptops
  • Monitors
  • Cables
  • Mice/keyboards
  • Hard drives

Desktop recycling is $10 per unit.

Items that we do not accept:

  • Printers
  • Televisions
  • Servers
  • Other assorted electronics

Please do not leave items outside our store after hours, if we aren’t there to accept it – our cleaning service charges us $100 per offense.

You can also rest assured that your data is safe with us. Our recycling process permanently destroys any and all user data on any electronic device.

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We just need a couple things to get started:

Bring by your old computers, laptops and hard drives and let us help you dispose of them the right way.