A PC is a complex and often confusing collection of systems. Over timeComputer Tune Up, clutter will accumulate on your hard drive and slow down the whole process.

Often times, a sluggish computer just needs a good tuneup as preventative maintenance. If it is running slow and it has been a while since you had it looked at, we can help!

Whether in our office in Redmond WA or at your location, we can clean it up and optimize your PC with our special tuneup process that is guaranteed to increase the speed of your PC (your mileage may vary) or your money back.

Just bring your computer into our shop and we can turn around most tuneups within 24 hours!

Software Tune-Up Hardware Tune-Up
  • Clean OS registry
  • Find/remove spyware/adware
  • Clear Internet cache
  • Check hard drive space
  • Check RAM usage
  • Optimize file storage
  • Check driver versions
  • Optimize startup process
  • Simple virus scan
  • Update operating system
  • Defragment all hard drives
  • Optimize browsers and remove unwanted extensions
  • Tighten screws
  • Check peripheral cards
  • Check internal/external cables
  • Vacuum case
  • Drives Function OK
  • Clean Fans
  • System Temperature OK

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